Maritime Museum 1000 Hour Award, deck plank from Star of India 
Jim Bregante - Public Speaker
San Diego's Waterfront Through the Eyes of a Child
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  • "As Bregante came to the conclusion of his presentation, it was apparent how much he relished the opportunity to share his past with the college students."
  • "Your well-crafted PowerPoint presentation was impressive and your personal background knowledge added to our appreciation of life in Little Italy through the past decades."
  • "From the attention of the audience, it was apparent how engaged we were in your presentation."
  • "You have an awesome presentation of the San Diego Waterfront.  I feel like I was there and could see, feel, hear and smell the sights and sounds of the area when you were growing up."
  • "Your personal history in growing up near the bay added a lot of color and depth to your account of the importance of that area to San Diego's history."
  • "Your PowerPoint presentation, with wonderful pictures, was a trip down memory lane and so educational for people who did not grow up here.  Preserving history is so important and you are to be commended."
  • "Your talks are wonderful, especially for natives such as myself.  Everyone had nice things to say.  I hope we cross paths again."
Jim presents at Sicilian Festival, Little Italy, 2011
An interested audience.
Star of India Sail, 2006
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